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6 t–shirt tips and tricks you need to know.

Because we feel your pain.

  1. How to get armpit stains out of a white t–shirt. Stains are not only ugly, they're hard to get out. Get some OxiClean and let your shirt soak in it for a few minutes – up to an hour. The chemicals will take the stains out and leave your shirt smelling fresh. Avoid soaking in bleach chemicals, they will only make the stains worse.

  2. How to make your t–shirt fit even better. Ok, so tailoring your t–shirts isn't as easy as getting armpit stains out, it's still possible. One technique is to create an optical illusion: wear a shirt of the same color beneath your t–shirt, voila! Nobody will be able to tell that your shirt is too large (or they'll just think you're stylish). If you REALLY want to try tailoring your own close, check out this YouTube video.

  3. How to get pencil marks out of your t–shirt. This one is for all of you art students out there. As funny as it sounds, the absolute best way to get pencil marks out of a t–shirt is to erase them with a pencil eraser. Really. It works.

  4. How to make that white t–shirt really white again. If you wear white, chances are you're going to get really dirty. Getting stains and marks out of a white t–shirt is actually really easy, if you have some help. Get a bottle of bleach at your local shopping center, and use an old rag or towel to rub the bleach into your t–shirt. Instant white. And we mean REALLY white.

  5. How to get deodorant marks out of a black t–shirt. If you wear deodorant, and you like black t–shirts, you're in for trouble. Deodorant leaves nasty white stains on black t–shirts, and it's no easy task to get out. Unlesss, of course, you have some varnish. Simply soak your t–shirt in color clothes formula varnish (which you can pick up at your local Walmart) overnight.

  6. How to look good while saving money on t–shirts. Buy xok. Duh.

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