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Frills Shirt

Image of Frills Shirt

$10.00 - On Sale

Frilly xok logo on women's fit American Apparel brand t-shirt.
See their description here. The sleeves you'll receive are slightly more "cap" than the picture below.

xok stands for "it's ok"

We know that bad things happen in life but there's no need to let it get you down.

xok is in the business of fighting depression and suicide by encouraging everyone to get out of their funk and find relief in music and the experiences had at going to shows, small local ones or otherwise.

We promote bands, venues, shows, music in general and design clothes for our favorite bands to wear and for anyone who either loves music, hates depression or both.

So buy some, wear some, and tell yourself and your friends that it's all alright. Things always get better.

Sold Out